One Series 2W

– One Series Product Bulletin

One Series 2X
One Series 2W
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One Series 4W
One Series 8X
One Series 8W

  • 2-wire connection to a PLC, DCS or Relay Coil; NO ADDITIONAL WIRING REQUIRED!
  • 24 VDC, 115 VAC or Loop-Powered models are now available
  • Field scalable 4-20mA models available (2WLP)
  • Field adjustable set point and deadband, covering 100% of sensor range
  • Temperature, Gauge Pressure and Differential Pressure sensors available
    with all-stainless steel wetted parts
  • Advanced programmable features including MAX/MIN capture, nuisance trip
    filtering, clogged sensor detection and manual reset
  • I Am Working® (IAW) self-diagnostics reported locally (on the switch
    display) and remotely (in the control room)
  • Class I Division 1 Intrinsically Safe (2W2D models only) and Division 2
    Non-incendive all models)